Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pantheon of Starfish

After seeing some old Man Ray films, I decided I had to work with those starfish guys!

Trouble was, no starfish were available to photograph..What to do..?
So, I fished through my old prints and found these guys in a 1980's photograph of mine.
I scanned them and superimposed them onto a ledge from a photograph of Rome's Pantheon dome. Taken whilst on my first vacation to Italy.
The light shining down from the vent hole worked a treat, spotlighting the Starfishes dance. Pure sepia, surreality!
I threw in a few layers into the background to add depth and textural atmosphere..
Then finished editing in photoshop, creating this
Sepia toned and slightly out of focus effect.
It was a star-lit-hit!

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