Thursday, May 24, 2007

Almond moon

This one was a huge success on my Flickr site.
I had several people asking if it was real, well the parts are real but let's says they were 'moved around! Here's what I said:

Thank You's!
Yes, its real, when I took it I thought about the moon and made sure it was in a good spot.
I took the picture and enhanced it in ps.

The blossom really did seem to glow in the setting sun..
Only the stars are added!
Some kind soul said:

"wow! I love it -- looks like the moon has dropped all those petals. what a beautiful, artistic piece".

The setting is on a hill just outside our French village, I really wanted to capture the feeling of Spring this year, as I shall be back in the city in a few months after we sell this house. I've been here several years and really need a change..
I'll miss being able to just walk into the countryside whenever I like...

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