Saturday, September 13, 2008

storm bathers

storm bathers
Originally uploaded by Paul Grand
Autumn arrived,
with it came stormy skies and huge waves, though the sea is warmer now than during mid-summer!
This mostly happens when we get the grec wind, or the 'mad wind' as the locals call it, because its so very warm and horribly humid.
The sea current also changes from the west and we get the warmer sea current from the east.
The bathers shown above were risking their lives because of a dangerous undercurrent. The danger multiplied because a thunderstorm was approaching with no available life guards!
They close for the season on the 1st of September..

The image is an example of Holga camera photography following on from my last post.
I believe anybody who's jaded by today's smooth, high quality digital photography might learn to love the photographic medium again by returning to basics, with a toy Holga or Diana camera and trying the wet process again.
I continue to develop my own because, here in France, I was quoted 10 USD to develop the 120 film negatives only, with a waiting time of two weeks!

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