Sunday, July 20, 2008

There was no beating Martine!

There was no beating Martine..
This one was inspired by Martine's ice skating prowess.
I've never seen her ice skate, but she assures me she's good at it,
or used to be.
I'll just have to take her word for it,
as there are no ice rinks around my area..
So, the idea of trying to ice skate, in between a rock and a hard place took root!
Those rocks were on my desk and the figure is an antique one.
The shadow was stretched in CS2 and warped around the rock.
Thus, pulling the objects together.
The sky was a sunny coastal afternoon.
The idea behind the dedication was a tribute to Martine's hard work, doing a daytime job and managing to also do her photographic work, like spinning plates, but here she's ice skating whilst balancing three huge rocks.
Who needs the addition of ice!

Fear of falling through the ice

I know, I have strange dreams...o_O
This was another winner of a Man Ray contest.
With big dollops of help from my NZ friend, Jill and her ice skators fragment.
The cracks are way ott here, I guess they ran away with themselves,
joining up and forming a kind of loop.
I think I made this one in a hurry, there was a deadline, see!

Crow Hill

Jeepers creepers, this one was fun to do!
I'd been cycling with friends in the spring and we spotted this just outside the old village.
It's not had much done to it, its warmed a little, enriched with antique layers and my famous crackle glaze.
The Crows were kindly donated by Katherine and the skull from our
Textures for Layers, objects group, in Flickr.
I suppose it looks like a movie poster.
Must be the illustrator in me trying to get out!

Sunset from my French window

This is the view from my bedroom window in the old house I just moved from.
It faced south but if I looked South/West in winter, this is the kind of view
I sometimes had at sunset.
It took 3000 hits and I think its one of my most popular images.
I'd not done much to it, just a little colour tweak and the addition of a TTV layer donated by every bodies friend, Nesster!
I don't miss the old house at all, as I'd been there several years and just had to move on.
I now know that I much prefer city life to country village living.
Just an urban kind of guy!


I created several versions of this image or visage as the French would say..
I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome, limited quality of the original images imposed restrictions, but I think I did okay in the end.
Its made up from several layers, chiefly being a graveyard statue, and a stone layer.
Not forgetting the eyes, of course!

Feeling Crabby?

"I love this little guy" said Julie..
So did I.. He was captured in a French Hypermarket fish tank,
so I guess he had much to feel crabby about,
I mean, those poking people!

Volney Lilliputians Joy

Yikes, its been a year since I updated the old blog!
So, here's playing catch-up.
This picture was a long time in the making.
The final element being the big corkscrew.
In real life this thing is around two feet long and is used in the wine trade to take large corks out of huge barrows of wine..
Kind-of fitting, really!

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