Sunday, July 20, 2008

There was no beating Martine!

There was no beating Martine..
This one was inspired by Martine's ice skating prowess.
I've never seen her ice skate, but she assures me she's good at it,
or used to be.
I'll just have to take her word for it,
as there are no ice rinks around my area..
So, the idea of trying to ice skate, in between a rock and a hard place took root!
Those rocks were on my desk and the figure is an antique one.
The shadow was stretched in CS2 and warped around the rock.
Thus, pulling the objects together.
The sky was a sunny coastal afternoon.
The idea behind the dedication was a tribute to Martine's hard work, doing a daytime job and managing to also do her photographic work, like spinning plates, but here she's ice skating whilst balancing three huge rocks.
Who needs the addition of ice!


Jill said...

Love this one too Paul! I didn't realise Martine was a skater too! This is very surreal and beautiful.
Hope you get many more views and comments on this great blog!

Paul Grand said...

Thanks Jill,
Yes, we are both good skaters, back in the days of ice, ie, up north!

jannx said...

Paul, I'm a 'Kanadian kid' and you know we are born wearing skates. This is great!!

paul grand said...

thanks jannx!

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