Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ghost Cafe

Ghost Cafe
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Sometimes glass reflections are enough.
I do get a bit peeved when people assume that everything one shoots is somehow a 'Photoshop creation'.
Of late I've had several pictures up on flickr which were totally camera sourced.
Not that I mind anything photoshoped.
The 'Racing Dogs' magazine cover was shot whilst still at art College, Over twenty years ago! - Long before Computers had any real processing power.

This is just something I noticed today whilst passing a 'sort of' friends cafe; 'La Part des Anges', I say 'sort of' because he threatened to stab me once,
just in jest, with a fork,
when he ran the popular nearby restaurant,
"Le petit Montmartre"
I'd asked for a vegetarian Salad, " La Chevre Chaud" Which means;
'Hot goats cheese salad'. Naturally Chef's don't much like Vegetarians, we're nothing but trouble for them.
He's a real Basil Faulty type and likes to surround himself with glamorous Parisian opera singers and famous actors who frequently perform within the red and gold rococo interior. But that's another story.. Well worth visiting!

This image is a straight photograph of the new tea rooms outdoor seating, as reflected in a derelict building's window opposite.
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, when normally these outdoor chairs would be full, but today with the cold winds of economic change 'a blowing' Beziers city center seemed almost deserted.

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