Thursday, January 15, 2009

pathos of the quarter moon

Thought It was about time I got back into the swing after a several
week absence due to a badly cricked neck!
My Christmas image for the Man Ray contest had been put on hold. I'd had several ideas and over the weeks had already made each one in my
head, so, by the time it came to close the contest,
I felt as if I had already exhausted the subject!
Thankfully new inspiration came from a 150 year old Tin Type I'd just acquired from America.
The metallic tin type feel went perfectly with the metallic moon. A marriage made in heaven!
Thus the image came together, but I wanted to give it that rich toffee wrapper glow. So I had to learn some new colouring techniques fast!
I searched on the net and finally found one I could learn from easily.
(turn your speakers off!) Here
Martine, who is an expert colourist, gave me a few additional tips and encouragement.
I then added the star backdrop which came from one of my old Victorian wallpaper photos and popped in the full moon photograph, from an old French postcard.
Additional grunge texture was applied, coming from the smooth stone texture as before and Voila!
A melancholic quarter moonface, 'mooning' for the full face.

The image was launched and attained a respectable 4th place in Explore.
It died in the contest however and didn't get a single vote!

A few days later I'm told my image has been stolen and reissued under a different name on a different site!
The whole story unfolds under the stolen picture on flickr

The result being that I now only issue small size images and I'm exploring a watermarking system for the future.

This infamous Moon image of mine is now on the front cover of my new 2009 Calender, available here

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