Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunset from my French window

This is the view from my bedroom window in the old house I just moved from.
It faced south but if I looked South/West in winter, this is the kind of view
I sometimes had at sunset.
It took 3000 hits and I think its one of my most popular images.
I'd not done much to it, just a little colour tweak and the addition of a TTV layer donated by every bodies friend, Nesster!
I don't miss the old house at all, as I'd been there several years and just had to move on.
I now know that I much prefer city life to country village living.
Just an urban kind of guy!

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Cheryl said...

Hi there,

I saw your tutorial for ttv on Flickr and a comment about where to print ttv pics. I read that you print yours with Photoweb and was wondering how you prepared your files ( black bleed: can you explain how to do that), if they turned out good... Do you use their ICC profile? I live in Belgium and was about to try Photoweb to print my pictures. I'm sorry to hijack your blog. Is there any other way for me to contact you via email? Mine is kiele 2000 at hotmail. com. Thanks for your help.

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