Thursday, May 24, 2007

Henkel's new clock had so much kick..

he was booted out of the inventors club..

Redo for Flickr's Das Kabinett.

I made this image ages ago, I was in my Bauhaus period, and was asked to put it up into the new
'German expressionist group', 'Das Kabinett'.
Kind peeps have said:

"Love the disoriented eyeball, as if the earth's magnetic pull is only working on that part of his body! these portraits, with the obligitory 3/4 ness and tilted head are so ripe for reconfabulation. this makes my day".

"he should definitely appeal the ouster - lies and innuendo, I say!
love the roving eye too (I agree with pinkyhonor, it has to do with gravity or magnetic poles)"

I do believe Henkel is working on other things these days.. to be continued!

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