Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kathy Kite

From Now on I shall use this Blog to display my latest surreal images

Thank You all for taking the trouble to comment, thought I should say a few words about how this came about.

Firstly, 'The Tree Man' by Hieronymus Bosch must have been at the back of my mind and another line drawing print by Hogarth about impossible 'paradoxical' perspectives.

Then on the romantic side with the french lighthouse, the image of "Kathy Kite" remembereing holidays in france, this comes from the French movie,
'Diva' With its cool Zen music and dream scenes of flight.

The tree top view is from my bedroom window which faces the sea,
I can't quite see it though!
The little girl was from a french antique snapshot, in which she was originally, fishing!
There are six differing layers, plus copies of layers.

The Text with this image is:
Katherine's Past is foreign country..they do things differently there.

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