Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daisy #2. She really wanted Edelweiss but I thought it too risky.

Well, you didn't think I would leave my poor little sis like That, did you?

We were afraid the occupying forces might think she was somehow trying to contact the allies with the sewing ring acting as a crazy kind of portable radio transmitter and reciever!

So, I managed to sew on some lovely petals from my mothers silk flower collection, they were light and easy to wear.

She really wanted me to try for the then fashionable 'edelweiss look' after fond memories of our Matterhorn hyke, but I thought it might send out the wrong signal
in these troubled times, you know, a risky 'Swiss Neutral stance'?

The Daisy effect was really popular, we found her loads of work doing the Christmas Panto season. She really loved the stage and so, after the plastic surgery to remove the soiled petals and correct my poor stitchwork, she became a huge Hollywood star. I think, in my small way, I helped her find herself..
Besides, 'edelweiss' would never have worked as a stage name...

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