Tuesday, November 18, 2008

French revolution party ~ Marmite @ 4.am ~ part II

French revolution party ~ Marmite @ 4.am

Just having a conversation about 'What is Marmite?'
"Wow, you've never had Marmite?

Quite simply, its just a Victorian/Edwardian devised torture used to feed nursery kids.
Mary Poppins would have served it to her charges as a savory toasted snack at 4.00 pm - tea time.
Its made from a vegetable based yeast extract, originally invented by a beer brewery as a way of using the left over yeast by-product from their fermentation process
Its really good for vegetarians because its provides all the B vitamins they don't acquire from their diet.
Wikipedia says it is sold in the US.
You just put a tiny bit onto hot buttered toast, its very salty, so beware not to go mad if you try it.
Its the best thing in the world to eat when you've been out clubbing, because it helps to lessen a hangover, next day.
The lawyer girlfriend I met that night would 'try' to kiss me when she was eating it overloaded on toast, the vision of her large marmite coated teeth still haunts me to this day....o_O

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Jody said...

Well I have marmite in My kitchen closet. Because I have a welsh husband. I think it's dreadful but he and the cats love it lol.

Thanks Paul for sharing your talents. I found your blog while surfing flickr tonight =)


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