Tuesday, November 18, 2008

French revolution party ~ London ~ end of ~ part I

"Its not the years, its the miles!"
A 'me' moment at the end of our French revolution party. I made my own shirt, waistcoat and pants. Most other people hired costumes, I was too poor but, ahem, 'creative'.
We are sitting on the stairs, as it was a basement flat.
Its several years after college, whilst working in London. This is in 1989 for the French revolution 200th anniversary. Little did I know I'd end up over here!
I was in with a crowd of law students. I even met my new girlfriend that night!
Thats Rupert behind, wearing his court wig. He was a law student.
He's now a London high court judge..(I expect he'd not like this going on the world wide web!) Or perhaps he would?

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