Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Overheard at the Pont du Gard visitors center;

Pont du Gard, originally uploaded by Paul Grand.

Rich American tourists speaking to German Tour Guide:

Guide; "We're not going"
"Why cant we go to Monaco"?
Guide; "We cant go, Now"
"But we have personal invitations to visit the Palace from the Grimaldis!"
Guide; "Yes, but all the Grimaldis will now be going to the Jackson funeral"


Colleen said...

LOL Everybody who's anybody is going to Jackson's funeral! Beautiful image, Paul!

james at 10engines said...

Paul: I have a 2bit blog.. wanted to do a quick post on the Gruissan/Betty Blue pics you have on flickr. Would that be acceptable? Best. James

paulgrand said...

Yes, sure, go ahead James.

Ted said...

Jackson? Jackson who? Jackson died? Has it been in the news? Musta mizzed it. Now... about the image here... any details? Are these aqueducts? Ancient? There's something ironic about an elaborate aqueduct builte to span a robust river. Looking at the pitch of both of these structures, the foreground seems to be moving its contents right to lef and the upper structure tilting in the opposite direction. All as the river itself seems tilted right in our faces.


paulgrand said...

Yes, its a trick of the light, the nearer bottom half was widened 200 years ago. Its lighter because of the reflected light from the white limestone rocks.
This image doesn't do the structure justice, I'll be posting more soon.
Thanks for your kind words!

james at 10engines said...


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