Sunday, December 14, 2008

Girl on a shore

Girl on a shore re-do
Originally uploaded by Paul Grand
I was standing in the sea with the camera in a plastic bag as it was so sandblasty on the beach. The dogs were playing and just left the view when the girl looked up at me and smiled.
The people in the background are packing up and that's a lifeguards stand you can see.
There's something a little bit 'Botticelli' about the girl don't you think?

After being asked how I got this earthy effect a few times and seeing as I've not updated in a while
I thought it might be good to purge!
These days I'm into starting off with a fine stone effect texture. I make sure its BIG because this is the size you'll end up with, so if you're serious about saving your images to sell, its worth baring this in mind. I then drop the image or landscape in this case onto the texture.
You'll need to duplicate your applied image a few times.
Each one is clicked off whilst you play with one at a time, varying the opacity and filter effect. To finish, I add a faint silk texture, again playing with the filters. This helps pull out the contrast.
Finally I always tweak the colours in CS, I like to up the yellow slightly, but not too much or you burn out the highlights.

To finish I had to cut out the girls face etc and drop it on top of her now very grungy, shaded body, then up the brightness and contrast and voila!

To get this effect you can download my famously popular 'sun on stone' or this texture from my 'grand textures' set. However its only just over 1500 pixels large at the moment;


JJ Siet said...

Beautifully processed. Your blog is wonderful.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks for sharing how you did this Paul! Love this photo...a masterpiece!!

Glen and MJ said...

It is incredibly gracious of you to share your technique. I've learned so much from your blog ... and the final test ... the finished work looks completely natural. I would never have guessed it was processed as much as it was. Her face does seem to pop a bit more than I would have expected but I thought it was the "luck of the light" ... hehe. Thanks again.

Susana said...

You've inspired me greatly Paul. This is a wonderful, luminous image.

paulgrand said...

Thanks, I hope to add more soon.
Happy New Year! :-)

christina said...

You are a good sharer! (obviously, I have a three year old). Thanks-christina

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