Friday, August 08, 2008

runways in the sky

runways in the sky
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Do you see aircraft runways in the sky?

We used to live under the low flightpath of the Concord aircraft
in the south and afterwards in north London.
I suppose we were just lucky..

This image is inspired by several things, firstly the German art house film by Wim Wenders;
"Wings of Desire"
In the opening scenes the recording angel, played by Bruno Ganz, stands sentinel like on a broken spire of Berlin church ruin looking down upon human life.

Children passing, notice him but not the adults.
A baby in a pram looks up at a passing aircraft.
We are then inside the aircraft with the angel listening to various passengers thoughts.
He smiles at a child.
Moments later we drift through gray European clouds, back to the black stained walls of the ruined city, the story continues..

The other element arrived when I heard about the airline company who were proved to be responsible for their metal aircraft parts being left on the Paris airstrip, are being sued by the German families of the victims who perished in the Concord disaster.

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

Even better with the added commentary Paul, I love the angel story.

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