Monday, August 04, 2008

New Rolleiflex !

New Rolleiflex !
Originally uploaded by Paul Grand
I've been so Baad!
I went and bought another camera in the local outdoor flea market, its A Rolleiflex! The guy wanted 350 euros but I played it cool, though I was bursting to buy it in reality, I'm sure my eyes were as big as plates! O_O

After he told me the price I put it down and started looking at his little lens parts for sale, just to show my interest had moved on..
He then asked me; "Well, what do you think about the Rolleiflex?"
I just said, dismissively, "Too Much"
He came right back and asked; "Well, what were you thinking?
I said "200euros",
He thought about it and said; "280"?
I came back with 250e, the original price I was willing to pay and he said;
"Yes, its a deal",
Voila, both happy!

So now after seeing the quality of the image on the frosted glass, I have to say it was worth every penny. I later found out on the net that this is a pre-war model made between 1934-1938
It has a great Carl Zeiss lens and in its original leather case.

I've yet to use it as I need to find a users manual. "Hints?"


Anonymous said...

oh yes you've been SOOOO BAAAAD !!!
can' wait to see the photos...

paulgrand said...

Thanks Martine, we'll have a neg developing party in my cellar! O_O

jannx said...

check this site for "free" manuals, however I usually send him some $$ once a year

also here's a link to the Rollei site lots of good stuff there too.

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