Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Facing the void

Facing the void
Originally uploaded by Paul Grand
This one was a hard one. Firstly its a redo of a simple image I made two years ago.
I started this version last year and got bogged down with too many people facing the void!
So, on re-discovering it just yesterday on my external hard drive, I could see with my fresh eyes that it needed a pruning, so, out came the other three people and in went the sky.
Taken the other night from Beziers Bull ring.. after the fight, thankfully, but they had left their iron doors open, and it was a lovely moonlit sky..
Fitting really, after the modern day pagan horrors!


Teodora Taneva said...

Good one:)

Ted said...

It's a peculiarity of our artistic age complicated by our media that we have too much product! Leonardo had months, even years to labor over some paintings, and experts have mined many covered veins of re-inspiration beneath the surface of any one of his masterpieces. He had the luxury of reflection.

Our own product... technology's curse... distracts us to work upon more than we can re-write. Think of a poem re-labored by its writer until s/he "got it right". And think how impossible it is for us to get all, a lot, a significant portion, some.... a few.... one... image right.

The twin barrels of your void(s) reduce this awful multi-lemma to a di-lemma Paul (to play with words)... or maybe a bi-lemma... And even when faced with just two alternative choices the potential drain in either direction will mean that the path not chosen will never be considered again.

The fact that you returned to this piece... and the subject of the piece.. all whirl about here to pull me through it into this ... the photo-based-fine-artist's nightmare... It's the peculiarity of our artistic age complicated by our media that ... we have too much product!

Brilliantly done... You have imagined a masterpiece here.

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