Monday, January 22, 2007

ghost in the shell

The local limestone around this area is chock-o-block full with fossils,
I've just started a new flicker group called ghost in the shell so its brought these fossils into focus and opened up a whole new subject for me to photograph.

My aim is not another boring collections group but a back to basics, organic, timeless surreal group. I want our objects to be beautifully lit and photographed in such a way as to convey an atmosphere, such as the atmosphere of the of awe of discovery, an Indiana Jones type revelatory moment when the object is bathed in golden light!

I've already found out through the net that my area is famous for Dinosaur eggs, there is a whole field full of them, closed to the public because its so important. Then yesterday I found this Swiss boys site, Click on the French title to get his local photos about this site open for just one weekend a year where you can dig up things like trilobites!
Its between Roquebrun and Cessenon.

On the little hill above our village floodpans, the grounds around the vines are littered with Oyster shell fossils, too common to be of value, but where there is one type There are more!
Its also where I found the Limestone rocks with the small fossil shell voids in the dry stone walls.
I've also seen locals selling fossils in our village Brocant market, One Dutch man said;
"Nobody is interested around here..."

I have heard that this area is very important geologically, the rock formations are rare.
I read there were massive upheavals in the rocks which caused internal voids where the local famous red marble formed.

By the way, our house frontage is made of huge local, dressed Limestone blocks, Completely Full of Shell fossils!
Photo's above show local dry stone wall with olive grove and vines where the fossils came from.

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